the artist

Amy Bubes is creative by nature. As a young girl growing up in Bethesda, MD, she channeled her creativity though writing, art and design –always looking for new ways to express herself. Over the years, she translated her passion through a variety of artistic endeavors, eventually discovering metalsmithing, which is now the foundation of her signature jewelry collection.

Amy extensively researched the jewelry market before launching her collection early in 2009. “I wanted to create something original – something that was truly my own design. I had no reason to copy someone else’s work,” she explained. The collection’s aesthetic is modern, sophisticated and strong, a perfect mirror of Amy herself. She stresses it’s not designed with a specific woman in mind, pointing out her 3 daughters love wearing it as much as her friends, and, even her mother. “It’s meant to be mixed and matched with other pieces so the wearer can create her own look,” says Amy. “Through the years our clothes change, our shoes change, but you hang onto your jewelry. My goal is for women to mix my jewelry with much loved pieces from their past. It’s adaptable to whatever the current fashion is –that’s what gives jewelry longevity.”